Green Farms Soil Product Quality

composting buffaloamOur Premium Plant Food and Soil Amendment products are made from 100% Buffalo Compost produced on our own ranch in the untamed Laramie River Valley of northern Colorado. Green Farms Soil’s BuffaLoam compost is composted for 2 years to create a soil amendment like no other. By carefully monitoring and turning the product, we maintain an internal temperature of 131-140°F for 30 consecutive days during the process to ensure consistency and reliability.

Unlike other compost products that contain ingredients from many kinds of animals, yard trash, and food waste, our composted soil amendment is pure and simple. We use only Buffalo – America’s Original Fertilizer! Mix it in and watch it grow!

This product meets or exceeds all standards as established by the testing standards as put forth by the United States Composting Council and provides a High Nutrient Content per laboratory analysis.

We produce Green Farms Soil to adhere to strict quality guidelines. We test our product regularly to maintain these standards. Our compost product is sampled and tested as required by the Seal of Testing Assurance Program of the United States Composting Council (USCC). Test results are available upon request by calling Diamond Tail Ranch at 303-759-3303. Here are the test results from September 2014. Download a pdf here.

BuffaLoam Compost Analysis image