Soil Alive

A Premium Enhanced Soil Amendment

Soil AliveIntroducing the Ultimate Growing Media Base for Specialty and Indoor Growers! Soil Alive™ is naturally packed with high levels of Organic Matter and Humus. To that we’ve added Lignite-based Humates, Endo-Ecto Mycorrihizal Fungi and more to bring you the world’s best soil amendment. Its the only additive your soil needs! NPK 1-1.2-1.4

Soil Alive™ Helps You:

  • Increase Your Soil’s Fertility
  • Provide Premium Nutrients
  • Promote Beneficial Microorganisms In Soil
  • Improve Your Soil’s Structure
  • Use Less Water
  • Simplify Your Custom Potting Mix Recipe

Ingredients: BuffaLoam Organic Buffalo Compost, Sea Kelp, Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi, Rock Phosphate, Lignite-Based Humates , Yucca Extract

Usage: Blending BuffaLoam Soil Alive with any indoor or outdoor soil or planting medium will improve your grow. It makes the perfect base for your custom potting soil mix, just blend it directly into your favorite growing medium. It also works great as a supplemental feeding system;  simply top-dress your plants with Soil Alive™ before watering.

All BuffaLoam products are tested under
US Composting Council Testing Assurance Program.

“With BuffaLoam I’m attaining a 55 day run of not needing to replenish my soil media, because I find the nutrition to be so persistent and sustainable. With my normal crop, I need replenishing every 10-14 days. I am also gaining significant increase in fruit and flower production.”
Professional grower / PhD in microbiology, Eureka, California